Timeshift 19.01-1 & vala 0.42.5 incompatibility in Arch

Wanting to install recently timeshift in Arch but it failed throwing a lot of errors during building steps?

Looks like Timeshift is not working with Vala 0.42.5.

You can downgrade Vala to version 0.42.4 and reinstall Timeshift should work:

pacman -S downgrader
downgrade -a vala
pacman -S timeshift


Logitech Media Server Container time wrong!

To set correctly the timezone for your Logitech Media Server running on Docker you nee to open a terminal on your container and issue the following command:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

select your correct timezone like Europe and Zurich for example and check if the time setting is correct with command:


The correct time should be displayed on your player’s screen connected to your media server.