Jellyfin and docker a Plex alternative on Synology NAS

I am using Plex package on my Synology DS918+ for a long time now with a paying plex pass. I wanted to find an open source alternative which provides me a some features like user management, a decent mobile client, controlled access to library, etc…

Jellyfin Demo

Jellyfin seems to provide all what I need. I installed it on my NAS using the regular docker image, proxied via synology application portal and a Let’s encrypt certificate.

Installation procedure is here and I just had to modify the docker instructions to fit my needs and point the media folder on my NAS.

docker run -d 
 --volume /path/to/config:/config 
 --volume /path/to/cache:/cache 
 --volume /path/to/media:/media 
 --user 1000:1000 

Really easy to implement, Jellyfin provides the functions I wanted, I need now to experiment the mobile applications, as far as I can see the android client works well but sometimes it freezes when I put it on pause or change content.

I will probably soon cancel my plex pass subscription 😉



Filelight to check disk usage

Filelight is a great application to see instantly your computer’s disk usage.

With few clicks you can check where are the biggest files and directories and clean what you want to save disk space.