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KDE Neon on MacBook Pro


I have a MacBook Pro Retina 13" early 2015. I wanted to test the KDE NEON distribution on it.

After googling the best way to install it I found this article describing the different steps and it looked easy...

I first downloaded the User Edition Live/Install image.

I had some issues to write the image on a USB stick on Mac OSX with ROSA Image writer and decided to go with UNetbootin.

I decided to completely wipe out my OSX installation instead of having a dual boot. I just prepared a Sierra restoration USB stick in case things were going wrong.

I booted the macbook from the USB stick: Hold the Option (⌥) and choose the USB stick to boot from.

I first tested the live mode to see what are the potential problem I will face and nice surprise, the wifi chipset is supported out of the box, the magic mouse is recognized and paired (as my mouse is an apple magic mouse 2, the scrolling is not working).

I decided to install it and followed the normal installation of KDE Neon as on any PC.

So far I enjoy my KDE Neon on my MacBook.

My comments on the current setup:

  • Kmail is still not really a good email application, switching to Thunderbird, with firetray extension is a very good move.
  • Mouse sensitivity by default requires a bit of tweaking to be usable.
  • Screen size is providing much more place to have several windows opened but requires good eyes ;-)
  • I did not manage to have Scale Display setting working correctly.
  • LibreOffice on KDE is really ugly out of the box, I need to dig a bit around styles, but after a while I realized the Libreoffice version provided by KDE Neon is not the latest. Installing the latest Libreoffice (Fresh) gives a much better interface.
  • KDE Neon is working very well, no crashes or big issues.

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