Dash to dock & Gnome 40

After the release of Fedora 34, I was pleased to see Gnome 40 and all its new features.

For me there is still something I do not understand:

To access the dock I have to go to the hot corner (top-left part of the screen) to show the dash, then move down to access my favorite applications in the dash…

I was used to have the dash-to-dock extension, and this one is not ready yet for gnome 40. But…

If you want to test it, you can go there Ewan is providing his first test for dash-to-dock on gnome 40.

  • download the zip file
  • extract it to a folder
  • go to this folder form a shell
  • type make install
  • activate the extension

Not all settings are working already but it is already enough to be used and enjoy gnome 40!