Dash to dock & Gnome 40

After the release of Fedora 34, I was pleased to see Gnome 40 and all its new features.

For me there is still something I do not understand:

To access the dock I have to go to the hot corner (top-left part of the screen) to show the dash, then move down to access my favorite applications in the dash…

I was used to have the dash-to-dock extension, and this one is not ready yet for gnome 40. But…

If you want to test it, you can go there https://github.com/ewlsh/dash-to-dock/tree/ewlsh/gnome-40. Ewan is providing his first test for dash-to-dock on gnome 40.

  • download the zip file
  • extract it to a folder
  • go to this folder form a shell
  • type make install
  • activate the extension

Not all settings are working already but it is already enough to be used and enjoy gnome 40!


  1. So many thanks, mate!!!

    For me this worked instantly, the dash to dock is in gnome-etensions app visible at the very bottom, can be activated and cusomized there

    🙂 🙂

  2. Guys you need to do ‘sudo dnf install sassc sassc.x86_64’ on fedora before going into the directory of the folder and doing ‘make’ and then ‘make install’. Lagout and log in again go the extensions app enable it and boom

  3. Gnome 3 started out very unfriendly. Tweek-tool helped, as did some extensions. If I recall correctly, Tovalds himself ripped on Gnome 3. I think sometimes the Devs’ have a great idea, that unfortunately has some unwanted side effects. They want to get the good ideas out to the users, and only get to addressing the side effects when they realize that they affect many users unacceptably. One reason I use Gnome on Linux, is because the Windows (TM) “Metro” UI was totally wrong for the way I work, and the devices I use. I hate change when I do not understand it. Moving the Dash to the bottom is a change I do not understand. I have a laptop running (non-Gnome) “Elementary OS” that has a bottom Dash. It seems natural in that DE, just not in Gnome.

  4. The design of the GNOME 40 is a complete nonsense. I don’t think any of the GNOME team has an idea and deals professionally with user interfaces.

    Without dash-to-dock extension for me personally GNOME is completely unusable. And finally, GNOME 40 is a clear example of how consumer confidence is being lost.

    • Gnome 40 is very sad. No dock. Have to install extensions out the wazoo. I want Dash to dock. Developers in linux create so many unnecessary features that add no value, and a new program that accomplishes the same exact thing another freeware program already does better. Meanwhile, common sense issues someone would notice within 15 seconds of using the program go unfixed. No wonder why people won’t try linux

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