Neon – Btrfs – timeshift – autosnap

I installed KDE Neon with BTRFS filesystem to get the full benefit of Timeshift snapshots. My disk is formatted as follow: 300 mb fat32 partition mounted on /boot/efi rest of disk with BTRFS filesystem mounted on / After installation completion…

Filelight to check disk usage

Filelight is a great application to see instantly your computer’s disk usage. With few clicks you can check where are the biggest files and directories and clean what you want to save disk space.

Nextcloud sync indicator in KDE Dolphin

Nextcloud is a great tool to synchronize and share documents across team and computers. To get the nextcloud indicator you need to install the nextcloud-client-dolphin package for your distribution. sudo apt install nextcloud-client-dolphin The package is also existing for nautilus…